10 for 10 Workout!

This is a great workout to do if your running low on time and need an energy boost, or before or after a jog. ENJOY!!! Workout Breakdown: Complete 10 reps of each exercise as many times through as you can in 10 minutes. Push-up Switch Lunge Goal Post Press Bicep Curl Row Tricep Press Deadlift

All Day Workout

I LOVED this workout! I could seriously do this workout all day! It’s really fun to do with a partner, so grab a friend and knock it out! Workout Breakdown: Intervals 30 sec work/ 15 sec rest Complete 4-6 Rounds (I did 5)  Stability Ball Squat with weights  Squat Jump  Stability Ball Ab Pass  2 […]

Burpee Challenge!!

Workout Breakdown: 10 Burpees 50 High Knee 9 Burpees 50 High Knee 8 Burpees 50 High Knee …continue until you get to zero Burpees.   Watch this video for the breakdown: 

End of the Week Real-Time Workout

Never look back! Never give up! ….ok you can look back at the good stuff, but if you eat more than you had planned or if you miss your workout one day, don’t beat yourself up! If you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle and you slip up every now and then, BIG DEAL! What’s one […]

Something New Workout

I hope you’re week is going great so far! I love that this collection of workout is getting bigger and bigger! I hope you do too! If you have any special requests or questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Here’s another great and quirky workout you can do with or without a partner. ENJOY! Workout […]

Free Style Tabata

Happy Monday! I’m stepping up the workouts this week. I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. It was a tough few weeks filled with snotty noses. I was literally a human tissue for my kids. YUCK! This workout is awesome! Grab a friend to do it with you! ENJOY! This is a Tabata Style […]