Burpee Challenge!!

Workout Breakdown: 10 Burpees 50 High Knee 9 Burpees 50 High Knee 8 Burpees 50 High Knee …continue until you get to zero Burpees.   Watch this video for the breakdown: 

Jump Twist Tabata

  Get ready for a FUN Tabata workout! Make sure you modify when needed! I think you’re really going to love this one! Have fun with it! Enjoy! Workout Breakdown:  Each part is 4 minutes long with (20/10) intervals. Between each part you will have a 1 minute break. You will be rotating between 2 […]

Quick Core Workout

Get ready for a quick and sweaty workout! You will need weights (I use 10# weights) and depending on your floor either 2 small towels or 2 paper plates/cardboard. Basically, you’ll want to find anything you can use to slide around on floor. This workout can be done without weights as well. It’s a great […]