How To Use Me


If you’re just starting your workout routine, complete 2-3 workouts a week. Make sure you modify as needed throughout the workouts.You can also cut a workout in half! If it’s a 20 minute workout, do 10!

Try to cut out as many unhealthy habits and foods as you can. You don’t have to quit everything cold-turkey, but as you become more fit, your unhealthy habits will be less attractive to you.

When it comes to food, chant… “high nutrient, low carb foods… high nutrient, low carb foods…” Think BRIGHT colors and non-processed foods!

Mental! From this moment on, tell yourself that you ARE a fit person! Period! That’s all there is to it. Just tell yourself that every day. Even if you slip up and eat a pizza and tub of ice cream after drinking a bottle of whiskey and smoking 2 packs of cigarettes, you are a FIT person! Just because you slipped up doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Think positive, be patient, and be kind to yourself.


You will complete 3-4 workouts a week. You will continue to work on improving your eating habits. Eat Clean. Challenge yourself to omit different processed foods from your diet for a month or more.. maybe forever. Take a month off dairy. I know! It’s hard to imagine life without cheese, but you may be surprised after about 2 weeks when you stop thinking about it.


Do all the workout and/or add an extra round here and there. Continue to try new exercises and sports. You will also try to throw in some weekend jogs or workouts.

Make sure your getting proper nutrition. Think about your protein. Are you getting enough? I use a protein supplement called BioTrust. They are extremely passionate about health and fitness. They are responsible about their ingredients and processing techniques. They are also based here in Austin.

What you will need: 

  • Interval Timer
  • Weights
  • Pull-Up Bar
  • Jump Rope
  • Mat
  • Workout Journal

Be patient with yourself. Modify as needed. Make sure you warm up before each exercise and cool down and stretch when you finish.  Keep track of your time on time-challenge workouts in a Workout Journal, or post your results in the comment section. It’s a great motivator by helping you keep track of your progress. I’m here to help you, so ask questions.

I will be updating this page with more information as we continue, so check back.